Dewy Pink Peony. (x).





this is the most Acme image i’ve seen in my life

still laughing

limerick city of culture is so fcking dumb

somebody pay attention to meeee

I am rly bleh atm because I feel lonely and I don’t do anything or go anywhere because I’ve been sick a long time. I have a few friends, but whilst they are my main/only friends I am quite secondary to them so naturally that is a shitty feeling. I still feel hurt by my ex (if you can really call him that) and it is bad, I haven’t felt bothered by a boy in three years so this is kinda new and scary. I think I am just feeling very mixed up and stuck and inactive but I would like to be the opposite. In some ways I am held up for a definite short term period, but I am holding myself back a lot, of course there are things I can do. I’m just in a rut but only I can fix that. Blablabla nothing is that good rn. Just uneventful and a bit lonely.


Illustration by Andrea Manzati

Oh Christ, It’s This Asshole Again